Dr. Hollern Started Speaking Professionally at Age 17

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  • Logan College: Senior Class

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  • Life College

  • Chiropractic Knights of the Round Table

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  • American Chiropractic Association Legislative Conference

Letter from Logan College Career Day

Dr. Hollern,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you (long overdue)for touching my life in a way you would have probably never known, if not for the internet! Back in March of 2003 you were the featured speaker @ Logan College of Chiropractic.  At the time I was really on the fence for what path to choose with my career and your speech definitely lead me into the chiropractic profession.  Although I did not end up going to Logan, it WAS YOU that made a difference in a young mans life as your story resonated so STRONGLY with mine, and your story reminded me so much of myself.

That fall I began studies at Northwestern College of Chiropractic, in MN (as I am from MN).  I graduated in November 2006 (while in school studied and emulated as many successful DC’s as possible)…I shortly opened my first practice with a 40k loan I was fortunate enough to receive from a small ma and pop bank down the road.  IN June 2007 I opened my first practice collecting 83k my first month all cash.  BY March 2008 (9 short months of being in practice), I was adjusting 1,000 patients/week.  BY that time I was regularly collecting 125k/month (now that insurance had kicked in)…while running a small 18k overhead.  BY July of 2008 I opened a 2nd office which started to turn a small profit by the beginning of 2009 (so difficult when you are not there yourself @ all times!)….anyway I cranked my first office up to almost 1300 visits /week and all was going fantastic. Self-made Millionaire by 27, not even 2 yrs out of school,  offices collected a combined 2+ million/yr…opened up my own health care billing company and several other business ventures in the works…

I guess the reason I  am attempting to contact you is bc nearly 7 yrs ago when i heard you speak I left the rest of the seminar, ran back to my hotel I was staying in and called my father and said “dad, i’m gonna be a chiropractor and i’m going to be the most successful chiropractor ever to live, you will not believe this guy I just heard speak, he is exactly like me!”

You were a huge inspiration, and now I feel as though our careers are eerily similar.

Take care sir and thanks again.

Erik Okeson DC