Seminars Offered by Dr. Paul Hollern

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Personal Injury Part 1 Seminar Topics:

  • 3 Steps to Increase Your Practice $100K in 90 Days!

  • Personal Injury Documentation

  • Personal Injury Marketing

Personal Injury Part 2 Seminar Topics:

  • Medical Legal

  • Diagnosis

  • Medical Reports, Narratives

  • Deposition and Court Testimony

Patient Education Seminar:

  • Patient Education and Report of Findings based on the Patients Bio-markers

  • The Science of the 3 Phases of Healing!

Chiropractic New Patient Marketing Seminar:

  • New Patient Marketing Systems based on the S Curve of Economics and

  • The the Most Effective form of Marketing, Educational Sales with Introduction Marketing!

Real Estate Investing for Chiropractors Seminar:

  • How to Secure Your Retirement with Investing Only $40K in Real Estate!