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(Including PI Marketing)


19 New Patient Marketing Systems for One Low Price

1. Your new patient online chiropractic marketing starts with 219 doctor videos: We start your Online Chiropractic Marketing by taking 219 videos of the doctor covering 16 chief complaints, 54 auto injury related for 129 keywords in all.

2. Next we create a custom website-blog using 70 doctor videos: We create a custom website blog with over 70 doctor videos, professional copy and search engine optimized.

3. Four methods we use to get your website and videos to dominate first page Google for 129 keywords:

  1. We submit 600 fresh videos to 40 video sharing sites. At the end of one year you will have 24000K online chiropractic marketing videos on the internet covering 129 Keywords.
  2. Our ghost writers write and submit 400 original articles a month to the internet with your website back-links.
  3. Our assistants Blog “Fresh Relevant Content” 10-15 times month.
  4. We post over 100 photos with back-links to over 5 photo shearing sites.
  5. (Additional Private Search Engine Optimization Techniques)

4. New patient promotions include 22 proximity keywords for new patient acquisition: We create videos, blogs and articles to cover the proximity keywords new patients search when looking for a chiropractor on the internet.

5. PI marketing includes 54 auto accident injury related keywords: The six major auto injury keywords are modified to include 54 auto injury keywords for the internet.

6. More new patient online marketing includes setting up your Google Places (Maps): We set up and promote your Google places 100% including maps, doctor videos, photos.

7. Additional new patient internet marketing includes setting up Pay Per Click: We create 5 Automated PPC campaigns including disc herniation and auto accident injury. Can be used for Google PPC or Facebook PPC.

8. Automated new patients using 8 e-mail auto responders for new patient marketing and follow up: Include auto injury, disc herniation, PI attorney marketing, PI marketing, pain relief.

9. Next we create a doctor video newsletter for patient re-activation: We take the doctor videos and connect them into an e-mail auto responder for automated video newsletter featuring the doctor answering the most common health related questions asked on the internet.

10. Personal injury marketing includes the PI referral system in the video newsletter: Doctor videos answering the common needs of auto injury patients.

11. Automated new patient referrals using our video newsletter video referral systems: We set up an automated new patient referral system in the video newsletter using doctor videos.

12. Re-activate your past patients when teach your marketing CA how to use the webcam for patient re-activation: Doctor videos sent to past patients via e-mail stimulating re-activation.

13. I teach your CA how to market your chiropractic practice on Facebook using your doctor videos:

14. Then we set up the powerful automated PI attorney video marketing: We automate a series of doctor videos educating and promoting your practice to PI attorneys.

15. Personal injury marketing expert when we also teach you PI attorney sales, advertising and publicity: Chiropractic personal injury marketing requires the knowledge of how to use publicity, adverting and sales to maximize your PI attorney marketing.

16. I Teach you my personal MD referral system: Medical providers require a combination of publicity, advertising and sales with a very specific message. I teach you what worked for me in opening 77 chiropractic offices.

17. To top it all off you become an author: We create a personal injury book with you as the author. We use the book for your PI attorney marketing, PI marketing, MD referrals, and publicity.

18. Free Monthly Video PI Workshops

19. Free PI Seminars 3X Year in Tampa FL


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9 Reasons Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems

is Absolutely Totally Different

and Unique from the “Other” Guys!


  1. 24,000K Doctor Videos ( Other Guys: Stop Right There)

  2. 16 Keyword Symptoms (Other Guys: 5 Maybe)

  3. 129 Keywords First Page Google (Other Guys: Enough Said)

  4. 400 Monthly Ghost Written Articles (Other Guys: Not Even Close)

  5. 150 Plus Blogs (Other Guys: Nope)

  6. Experience: Practiced 16 Years and Opened 77 Offices in 20 States (Other Guys: Forget About It)

  7. We Write a Book for You as the Ghost Writer and You Become an Author and Authority (That’s right? You Become an Author)

  8. Low Cost, Less Than One New Patient Year: (Other Guys: Crazy)

  9. Guarantee 100% Return on Investment (Other Guys: Good Luck)


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19 New Patient Online Chiropractic Marketing Systems for the Investment of ONE New Patient a Year


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